Tim "agentc13" McKenzie

Sparks & Recreation Podcast Host
Hero Realms Digital Community Tournament Organizer
Hero Helper Developer
Realms Rising Writer/Admin
Lua Script Developer (HR Digital Game Mods)

Hi, I am Tim "agentc13" McKenzie. I am a husband, father, and cat dad. I am an avid player and collector of tabletop games, and a Hero Realms Legend series winner (Origins Game Fair 2021). I am learning web development/design, database management, and other programming related skills. This page is one of my projects along this path of learning these new skills.

This site will contain a portfolio of my projects related to programming, as well as the various projects I am involved with in the Hero Realms Digital community.

My Projects

Github Logo

My Github repositories. This includes the lua scripting I have done for the Hero Realms Digital app, Hero Helper, websites and anything else appropriate to host there from my portfolio.


Sparks & Recreation is a podcast I have co-created. It is currently hosted by Matt Rooks, Chris Walberg, Sam Parsons, and myself.

Hero Realms Digital Logo

There are a number of community events, tournaments, strategy articles, or other projects that I am involved with related to the Hero Realms Digital app.